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How can we get in touch with Ariel???

Things to note

  • You can choose to either write a letter to Ariel (further explanation below), or post a message in iPalace for her.
  • Please do not ask for Ariel's personal msn, QQ or instant messenger. No one is firm of these information.
  • Ariel's agent company no longer provide autographed photographs (announced on 2006/5/30). Please do not request for them anymore.
  • Letters will be handed to Ariel by her agent company. However, Ariel takes the effort to read every letter personally.
  • Please do not request Ariel to reply the letters as this is a form of pressure on her.

Ariel’s Contact Address

台北郵局第 43-398 號信箱

Letters and/or parcels for Ariel can be sent to Chou’s entertainment agent Ltd designated mailbox in Taiwan.

The address formats given below have been verified by the Taiwan’s post office. Any further enquiries can be directed to any nearby post offices.

Address provided can be printed and attached directly onto the envelope. Kindly ensure that address is firmly attached.

Address Format

Postage from Taiwan

台北郵局第 43-398 號信箱

Print Address for Taiwan local postage

Format on envelope

Postage from Regions outside Taiwan (In Chinese)

10699	(郵遞區號)
台北郵局第 43-398 號信箱

Print Address in Chinese

Format on envelope

  • Please use Airmail envelope
  • Address written in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are accepted
  • 大陸的國際信封
    Photo: Courtesy of 三疯 (San Feng)

International Postage

P.O.BOX 43-398 Taipei
Taipei City 10699
Taiwan ( R.O.C.)

Print International Address

Format on envelope

  • International envelope

Any Other Enquiries??


hiedie ortega, philippines cavite silang blk 9 loy 9, 2009/06/08 19:31


 ariel lin yi chen.,,.,i just want to say i love you, i'm your number one fan in the philippines and i'm happy that your won othe best actress award.,.,hope that you read my message.,.,you know someday i just want to be like you.,.,.i will go there in taiwan to see you.,.,you know i want to be actress and a singer like you and also to be a dancer in your country 
  mahal kita mean i love you.,,.right now i'm studying your langauge.,.,

so you can understand me clearly.,.,,

                              god bless
                                                             hiedie ortega
Florence , Intramuros Metro Manila , 2009/10/28 10:29

hi how can i communicate with you? im you number one fan

Florence , Intramuros Metro Manila , 2009/10/28 10:31

hi ortega fan ka din ba ni ariel?

trang, 54 truong quyen p.6 q.3, 2009/06/14 22:27

hi!i'm your fans!i love you!(^_^)i'm from VIETNAM

amalina, malaysia, 2009/06/16 10:38

Ariel lin you are the best…Please remember there are a lot of your fans outside taiwan that will always support you…please be happy coz if you are happy then we also will be happy for you…

trang, 54 truong quyen p.6 q.3, 2009/06/16 15:39

yes.You're the best…(^_^)^_^)^_^)

Angie, Blk 15 Lot 22 South city homes binan laguna,Philippines, 2009/09/03 17:08

hi Ariel!!!Aiya!hehe..i first saw you in the your taiwan drama iswak(it started with a kiss)..then i continued to watch it after i saw your face and joe cheng!you two really look good!!love it!!! and i really love your song which is Er Zuo ju-prank..i played it all over again..i hope you are doing well everyday..may God give you more blessings..wo ai ni!!!^^Y”

jan michael lumbang, b9l30 camellahomes springville molino bacoor cavite, 2009/12/28 12:47

hi its my first time here and the first time i saw you in started with a kiss i was mesmerized by your beauty and acting portrayal. i know its imposible for me to know you more personaly but im hoping someday i would…hope you could understand my message..ill try to send a snail mail ok. hope you could wait and read it..bye for now!!1

dinh oanh, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam, 2010/01/16 10:16

hi Ariel Lin!! I'm from Vietnam. Someday, I hope I met you and joe cheng . You and he are the best. I love and miss you very… much

may tolosa, bacoor,cavite,philippines, 2010/03/07 16:48

Hi Ms. Ariel I just want to clarify if there's really a 3rd part of It Started With A Kiss,w/c might be entitled the The Last Kiss..I hope you could answer my question please,..I'm from Philippines,…

최성수, 372 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA, 2010/06/25 06:28

안녕하세요*~ ^^*~

I just wanted to let you know that how much I liked your act on the legend of condor heroes 2008.

It was my pleasure to watch your act of the one of my favorite character, 황용. I think you did really good job there. ^^*~

By the way, I'm Korean who lives in Boston, USA. I heard you are thinking to work in Korea? I was actually surprised to hear that you stuied in Korean language as your major in college. Wow…

I hope your Korean language improve everyday so that you can be on the screen of Korean drama with fluent Korean one day.

God bless you, and hope you be well all the time*~

오늘도 화이팅*~ ^^*~

Kalie, America, 2010/07/12 05:12

Hi Ariel! I'm not sure if you will even get a chance to read this. I am a 13 year girl who thinks you are the best actress ever! The first drama I saw you in was It Started With a Kiss. That got me hooked and so I watched They Kiss Again. Seriously, no joke, those are the best dramas I've ever seen. Your singing is crazy good. You are so pretty and I really hope that everything is well. Thank you so much for everything. You are the best!! ♥

Ann, 2010/07/29 14:22

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