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My dear friends:

Happy New Year!!!


As the year draws to a close, surely many are already with their families at homecoming, or well on their way home. As always at this hour, Ariel is entirely immersed within the spirit of homecoming (Haha….you know me ;)


After the performances on the mainland, I've been back in Taiwan for a month now. What lingers is a sense of loss + a restless champing at the bit, an strange intermingling of complex emotions left to ferment….perhaps, only the moments on stage are authentic……

最近看完Janet&Stella的新書後,真是對我這兩位好朋友一路走來的歷程既欽羨又心疼!不過,她們都是很好、很勇敢的人,走到她們嚮往的目標、得到她們想要的幸福幾乎是可以預期的。身邊好友一個接一個地跨過三十大關~嗯……我應該也來開始好好想想my own 30’s list了……什麼事情想做而未做的(為什麼沒去做?!),或做了會讓人驚聲尖叫的(驚“喜”的那種啦!;)就去做囉!*^_^*y

Recently after reading Janet & Stella’s new books, I felt such envy and heartache for these two good friends and the road they travelled. But, they are very cool, very brave people, reaching for the destination they had long sought after, and finding that their happiness is just a matter of time. Close friends besides me, one after another, have crossed the thirty milestone~ eh….I should starting contemplating my own 30’s list……..Things to do but haven’t yet (why not yet?!), or perhaps things to astound others (delightfully astounding!;). Let’s do it! *^_^*y.

平平安安 健健康康 全家人都在一起 就是最好的新年禮讚~

Peace Health and Homecoming are the best new year's gifts~

晨晨賀2010/02/12 Fri 08:58P.M.

Ariel's wishes 2010/02/12 Fri 08:58 P.M.


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