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Hello! How is everyone recently?

剛過完自己的27歲生日~謝謝來自許多人的祝福與用心!”愛 依路隨行”的活動成品讓我很震撼,拿在手中的本子潮潤黏手,顯然經過多人傳遞,卻滿載著無盡的情意……以古代竹簡刻劃的情書告白也讓人怦然心動!還有我生日當天的報紙、大大小小筆的公益捐款收據,依晨也都收到了~謝謝你們願意將對我的愛,轉化成對更需要幫助的人們之大愛,這真是再好、再有意義不過的大禮了!

Just passed my 27th birthday~ Thanks for the many heartfelt kind wishes! Operation “Love Ariel all the way” took my breath away. The notebook in my hand still feels damp to the touch. It must have passed through many hands, carrying along with it no end of love… the ancients, confessions of love carved onto bamboo strips leave one’s heart pounding! Also on my birthday the newspapers, the large and small receipts for donations to charity, Ariel received all of it ~ Thank you for transforming your love for me into a greater love for those who need help. Truly the best, the most meaningful present!

大家都知道,依晨最近正如火如荼地排練著舞台劇,這些日子以來,最令我印象深刻的,不是劇本內容,反倒是團員們在集體討論時毫不掩飾的赤裸與真實。這讓我深深感受到自己平常所願意分享出來的想法,竟是如此的保留&官方!好像已經不習慣和別人坦誠以對了呢!^ ^”但若是有一層角色的保護屏障存在,就又可以放心、肆無忌憚地表達……呵呵!這點我想劇團裡的夥伴們可比我勇敢、坦然得多了……。

As everyone knows, Ariel is in intense rehearsal for the upcoming musical. As the days pass, what stands out is not the libretto, but is rather the stark, candid, naked discussions between cast members. In comparison, I find what I am usually willing to share is so cautious and formulaic! As if I am no longer capable of opening up completely! ^^” Still, behind the protective mask of a character, one is more at ease and unrestrained in expression….Haha! On this, it seems my fellow actors are far braver, and uninhibited.


These weeks, “Love” was the central subject of discussion. In some it rouses fear and helplessness. Suddenly, it morphs like a summer squall. But some are in love with love. Must one luxuriate in each romance to the max? And at the end of each affair move on to the next episode?!…….Are the lines that delineate the rights and wrongs of love, clearly marked in black and white?


Haha! I am still not sure. Perhaps there are many also lost from start to end! Let’s see, we might have to wander around within for a little while longer!


No shortage of dialogue, lots of dance steps. Please allow this little woman to leave for the time being! ;)




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