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We are stronger than we think~ Let’s go!!


We are stronger than we think~ Let’s go!!


As I write these words, there is no letup in the agonizing rainstorm outside~ the doorman downstairs tells me that the rains are far stronger down south……When it rains it pours and one is left feeling utterly helpless.

>颱風期間很多通告都取消了,靜悄悄地放了整整四天的颱風假,電視新聞和報紙一篇篇的整版畫面卻各自以有聲、無聲的方式,一波接著一波愈來愈揪心的攻勢,無情亦有情地呈現了此次災難的降臨以及我們面對的方式。有人呼嚎,有人從此再無聲息;有人集結素未謀面網友們的力量蒐購、運送物資至災區,或是急於救難而翻船,甚至墜機身亡,有人卻拿緊急救助專線開玩笑,笑嘻嘻地打電話到電視台惡作劇說:「我要的風怎麼都不來?」……這片土地上有好多種族、好幾個世代的人民,各種觀念或生活習慣千奇百怪,但對於生命的尊重不該是一樣的嗎? The typhoon caused the cancellation of many events. I spent four quiet days of typhoon enforced time off. T.V. newcasts and the pages of newspapers, with or without sound, reported wave after agonizing wave of assault. Often pitilessly but sometimes with empathy they chronicled the unfolding of a disaster and our responses in the face it. Some wailed. Some became silent forever; some gathered together the power of anonymous netizens to purchase and deliver supplies to disaster areas. Some capsized in their boats while in the line of urgent relief duty, some even crashed in their planes. But some also gleefully prank called emergency hotlines, T.V. stations with: “Why isn't the wind I need here yet?”…. This land holds many cultures and people from different generations. Values and cultural habits vary widely, but shouldn’t respect for the value of life be universal?

想到這兒,我不禁悵然,至少,我們該做好自己該做的事、能做的事吧!或許,是少幾頓飯局or K歌攤,給予災民們最實質的資助;或許,是寫幾張發自內心的卡片,給失去家園、親人的災民們;或許,是每天為他們祈福默禱數次;也或許,是我們都該對大自然友善些,否則愈來愈異常頻繁的天候及自然異象,只會一次比一次更猛烈地反撲……。

At this point, I cannot but feel helpless. At the very least, we should do what we can, must do! Perhaps, a few dinners or fewer trips to KTV in exchange for tangible aid to the suffering; perhaps, write a few cards from your heart to the victims left now with neither home nor family; perhaps, pray for them daily; or perhaps we should be kinder to nature. Otherwise these increasingly frequent and abnormal weather phenomena will only ricochet back at us with increasing severity.

願 生者平安

May the living be safe and sound


The dead rest in peace



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