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I hurried over to wish happy birthday!

Hello everybody!


First, happy third anniversary to!

>再來謝謝依晨花園、晨吧、歌晨吧、暢晨吧、香港、韓國、馬來西亞……等各地後援會一直以來的支持,以及對依晨「幸福遇見」專輯的鼎力支持~有時候,我真不知道沒有你們我該怎麼辦?努力而成的影音作品跟誰分享?有時候,卻也會不住想像若沒有你們,是否我的行事會比較沒有牽掛與羈絆?! (請原諒小女子的矛盾啊……@_@”) Next, I must thank Ariel’s garden, Ariel’s bar, Ge-Chen bar, Chang-Chen bar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia….and fan clubs from other parts for your long steadfast support, and your unwavering support for Ariel’s album “幸福遇見”~ Sometimes, I truly wonder what I will be without you? Who will share in the films and music created with such toil? But sometimes, I also wonder if without you, I would be less afflicted by the twinges of apprehension and misgiving?!(Please forgive the contradictions within the little woman….. @_@”)


Recently because of publicity work for the album, I feel that I may have with too little forethought, shared too much. I may have crossed a line that I can (should?) accept. Some words may not be what you wish to hear, words which I have long kept well concealed. Between thoughts that can be shared and negative feelings that ought to be muted, if only just to protect one’s personal privacy, Little Miss is still learning to navigate the middle ground. I am striving to not let myself nor the “inordinate consideration” of others around become a mutual burden.


The primary objective this year is to deeply root “the pursuit of happiness as the goal in life” within my heart and soul. To carry too heavy a set of responsibilities is unfair to my slender 15.5 inch shoulders! Just as I am easily happy or moved by little things, I am easily disquieted or distressed by little things. And I become increasingly pensive and silent……


Don’t worry too much! We all have our lessons to learn. Ariel’s is emotional control. It is still a work in progress. Although I may now be in the midst of it, someday I will walk out of it. You too ok! Still the same old words: Let’s keep fighting for it!p*^_^*q



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