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Dear everyone ~


This greeting comes, as if from another lifetime ago.


Ariel isn’t sure how much of this everyone can appreciate. But this time, I truly experienced a fantastic adventure, a kind of Alice in Wonderland voyage.


Haha, but let’s first set this aside. There is enough of it in recent papers and magazines!


These few months I’ve been concentrating on voice lessons & on vocals in the recording studio; also on getting re-acquainted with myself and my voice again. Although one cannot be sure what fruit this might bear, all this “palling around” with professionals from a completely different field has certainly been eye opening for Ariel! In the past, the vocals from the original sound tracks always seemed rushed. The songs were hardily polished; there wasn’t enough space for experimentation. Singing became an “uncertain” endeavor, and it not longer brought me any joy. So, quietly, it retreated into a corner where hopefully no one would notice.


Now, after re-examining so many of my childhood dreams, I want to fully face up to the dream of singing. Although I am green in the music industry, although there is so much to learn, yet if there are those who can find some meaning within my songs – perhaps the happiness they need, or comfort, or even courage - and if I can keep on improving (the point being this brings me happiness also;), then let me get on with it!


512 will soon arrive. Let’s say a silent prayer for our compatriots who have passed away, and also for the living who still struggle on in their own way. In our own way, we can be our brother and sister’s keepers.


P.S. Made a decision that isn’t too considerate but one that I have longed for awhile~ in the future I will only leave messages here at! It used to feel like handing in homework for different classes, sometimes I even had to worry about different languages, so tiring and so tiring…please just let me be this once!

Ariel 090510

(To all the moms in the world Happy Mother’s Day~~:))


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