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Dear friends of hello everybody~~~


Dear friends of hello everybody!


Happy New Year!!!(this means my signature date switches from “08” to “09” which takes some getting used to…..^^”)


Indeed, another start to a new year. In the past year, you and I have had achievements and regrets, had attachments we held on to. Likely, there is a patch in the rear view not for our remembrance. As a new January sweeps out the old, let go of it, let the lessons sink in, and let’s move forward with renewed strides! We only carry what we need on the road; the rest we let sweep away! (recycle?!;)


Prior to the New Year, I had invited the TV, production crew and the screenwriters of “It started with a kiss”, to a night of feasting and karaoke. We hadn’t seen each other for quite a while. It was an emotional night. As work was not always progressing smoothly for everyone, we kept encouraging each other to keep at it. A few weekends ago when I visited Director Winnie, he was the midst of intense filming for a new series. I, too, was intently studying a new screenplay. Who could have foreseen that within a few days a ferocious storm over the horizon would strike and leave us both stranded at home? However this time out affords us the peace within our hearts to reflect upon future directions. I am sure there will be another wonderful project waiting for Director Winnie to bring to fruition ~ let’s all keep at it! p*^_^*q


Last year, the world suffered through a once in a century economic recession. The road ahead cannot be easy. But might this be a chance for us to reexamine what is worthwhile in our lives? What do we truly need? What is truly worth doing? …… No one has the exact same answer. But if we reflect within our hearts, the road not taken might yet unfold before our eyes!

Happy New Year
一定要快樂! ^^yw

Once again
Happy New Year
Happiness Always! ^^yw


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