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Dear family members of, hello everybody ~ *^_^*y


These few days I’ve been busy painting the new house (green construction materials!), selecting lighting fixtures, window curtains, and bathroom fixtures. As I move back and forth between each room within the house, my heart is filled with bliss and emotion. Sometimes when my thoughts stray too far ahead, I remember that I really haven’t lived here for all that long! (A girl has to “settle down” eventually! Ha….;)


To outside eyes, autumn this year has been a season of blessings for Ariel: birthday, Golden Bell Award, new home, new drama premiering…etc. This has brought Ariel so much joy, but the pressure and workload which will inevitably follow will also be overwhelming!


I know you all are happy for me, especially for winning the Golden Bell Award. But allow me the peace of mind to accept it. This prize also belongs to so many others, especially to those who strove silently behind the camera. For this drama, there are so many others I need to thank. Without their support for the ones in front of the camera, nothing could have been accomplished. So, it is they whom I represent when I step forth on stage to accept the award.


The truth is I don’t know if the future will offer better roles. On some level, an actress can only wait passively for a role. But no matter what, no matter if the role is in a drama on a TV set that one can switch on at will, or if it is in a movie or a stage play that one must purchase tickets for, I know that you know what heart and soul I pour into each and every of my performances.


The year is almost over. Do you all still have unfinished business? Then let’s try harder to finish it! I am almost done with mine!

~ 一起加油 ~
~ Lets go for it ~
2008.11. 2 , 4:52 P.M.
(in my grandma's house)

Ariel 2008.11. 2 , 4:52 P.M. (in my grandma’s house)


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