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Dear family members hello everybody~

> 今年下半年對依晨來說真是太重要了!不但先前拍攝的射鵰英雄傳陸續在內地各省播放,勤跑宣傳之際,另外幾部作品也同時開工,再加上即將”入厝”等一些個人生活上的重大轉變,讓我突然懷念起先前七個多月模擬退休生活的空閒了哩!

For Ariel, the next six months will be very important! I will be busy with publicity work for the just completed “Legend of the Condor Heroes” which will be airing in various provinces on the mainland, just as other new projects are starting. In addition, there will be important changes in my personal life involving “house moving”. Suddenly, I miss the leisurely pace of the “retirement lifestyle” for the past seven months.

> 相信很多人都看了”海角七號”或”冏男孩”不只一次了吧?!依晨前幾天趁日戲拍完的空檔也去看了”海”片,雖然最後20分鐘又被叫回去烤麵包(沒辦法,林導的速度實在是……無與倫比……)但我想,根據那麼多人的經驗與口碑,即使從頭再看個兩三遍也依然興致高昂吧?!這陣子還一連代言了HBO的校園影展及高雄橋仔頭的金甘蔗影展活動,感覺最近很有電影緣,且台灣本土電影似乎正強烈地蠢蠢欲動著呢!雖然,國內的電影大環境仍有許多根本上的大問題、弊病亟待改善,但徘徊谷底低迷已久,總該有反彈的一天了!無論最近大夯的幾部台灣電影是否僅是”天時,地利,人和”的恰巧結合,依晨都相信我們一直都有能力拍出好看的台灣電影!我們的文化是如此豐富、多元、有彈性且兼容並蓄,有想法的導演、演員亦比比皆是,但要如何經由大銀幕說出一個又一個打動人心的好故事,真的需要大家共同的努力與配合啊! I believe that many of you have seen “Cape No. 7” or “Orz Boyz” maybe more than once? Earlier, Ariel took a break during filming to watch “Cape”. Before the final 20 minutes, I was summoned back to bake bread (what can one do, Director Lin’s speed is truly … incomparable …). But based on such broad support and word of mouth, would one mind watching it twice or thrice more from beginning to end? Regarding movies, recently I became spokesperson for HBO’s campus film festival and also for Kaohsiung’s Golden Sugarcane film festival. My sense is that Taiwan’s film industry has great potential. There might be structural problems within the local film industry that needs to be solved. But the industry has dallied for so long in the valley that surely a rebound is just a matter of when! While the recent successes in Taiwan movies might be the mere circumstance of being at the “right place at the right time”, Ariel believes that the industry is capable of making great Taiwanese movies. Our culture is so rich, varied, resilient, and encompassing. Talented directors and actors are everywhere to be had. However the process of transferring a moving story onto the silver screen will still require a lot of hard work and cooperation.

跟大家介紹一下金甘蔗影展 :這個特別的影展之所以如此命名,是因主要拍攝片場即位於台灣第一座新式製糖廠,亦是台灣面積最大的古蹟保存區「橋仔頭糖廠」,而其首創「現地拍攝、現地後製、現地影展、社區參與」的精神,更是讓我印象深刻。由於必須在當地進行拍攝,因此參賽團隊必須到了現場(橋頭鄉當地)才能開始構思、拍攝、剪接等工作,聽說先前幾屆還有幾組隊伍為了搶好場景、好演員(很多是當地村民唷!)還起了爭執呢!也因為這一切的過程必須在七日之內完成,所以連續七天下來的拚搏與時間壓縮的緊迫,更是讓這個深具獨創性的有趣影展彷彿夏令戰鬥營般的刺激而富有挑戰性!(這也就是本屆提出的口號:「大家來抱甘(爆肝) ———蔗!」的由來;)

An introduction to the Golden Sugarcane film festival: The reason for its unique name is because the filming location is in a brand new sugar factory. It is also the location of Taiwan’s largest historical preserve by area “Sugar factory by the little bridge”. Its unique aim is “local filming, local production, local exhibition, and local participation”. Participants in the film festival must arrive at “Sugar factory by the little bridge” before they can start filming and editing their films. I heard that in order to reserve the best locales and the best actors (many are locals), production crews from earlier festivals had gotten into scraps. All film submissions must be completed within seven days. The seven days of unending struggle with time and space creates a very unique film festival with the excitement and challenges of a military campaign. (This is where the slogan for this year’s festival: “Let’s hug sugarcane (pun on extreme stress) “comes from ;)


What is surprising and moving is the amount of effort the festival organizers have expended to involve the local talent. Before the start of the festival, the organizers had set up liaison meetings with the locals. Not only did it afford the locals a better understanding, it also enmeshed them into the festival. The result is passionate support by the locals, whether it is through offering their stories, actors, introducing (lending) locales, volunteering, opening up their homes, providing material aid, or even submitting entries to the competition. So within each surrounding village the local populace becomes the focus of the festival. Their stories, people, scenery, provide invaluable material for all the participants, firmly enmeshing all participants into the local society, inspiring them to greater creativity. The locals are a moving, wonderful people, full of passion for their own stories and for the movies.

每個影展都有它自己的特色與目的性,標榜「全球思考、在地行動」 (從在地出發、展望國際)的金甘蔗影展,啟動的初衷則是為了呈現台灣“多元而生猛” 的文化活力與在地的電影生命力,並歡迎無論是國內外的專業電影從業人員、純粹對電影或當地文化有興趣的業餘人士,或是獨立製片圈、各大專院校的年輕創作族群們組隊角逐唷!而由於強調「百分之百的自由、百分之百的甜」之原則,作品型式可以是紀錄片、劇情片、恐怖片、科幻片、喜劇片、台語片、綜藝節目、MTV等各種類型。如此下來,每年度預計可累積二十支在地電影短片,長期將形成豐沛的影像文化能量與資產,在跨國資本壟斷與主流市場之外,另闢一條具台灣特色的電影創意市場!

Every film festival has its unique color and goals. The stated aim of the Golden Sugarcane festival is “Think global, act local” (stand here and look outwards). Its aim is to display the “varied and vibrant” culture of Taiwan and its growing movie industry. It welcomes all, whether domestic or foreign professionals, just amateur movie buffs or independent film producers. A special call goes out for the participation of young film makers from film programs. Because the festival emphasizes “Total freedom, Total sweetness”, the genres for submissions include documentaries, dramas, horror, science fiction, comedies, Taiwanese films, variety shows, and even music videos (MTV). At this pace, it could accumulate around twenty short films each year. In the long run, this will enrich our movie culture, providing precious energy and capital. Outside of the international and major markets, this might open up a new avenue for creative films with a uniquely Taiwanese flavor.


Also, if I might share a little thought: while doing publicity work on the mainland I came across many TV programs and films that discussed in great depth the Olympics and the melamine poisoning incidents. To summarize their conclusions which not only touched Ariel but also had left her in agreement: The simple and yet profound difference between the motivation and spirit of the Olympics (which certainly includes the Para-Olympics) versus the melamine poisoning incidents boils down to this ~ to value “life” or not. Whether it is towards our own lives or someone else’s, the values we hold will lead us down one path or another~ towards light, or destruction. A thin line as deep as a chasm separates the two sides.


Value, and treasure each other.


5:01 P.M.in淡水某豪宅 (拍片空檔啦……:)

2008.09.23 5:01 P.M in a mansion by a lake

(Amidst a break in filming…… )


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