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Dear 晨堡家人們大家好!

Dear family members of hello everybody!

不曉得你們看依晨的新書了麼?知道很多人因此加快了實現出國念書或是旅遊夢想的腳步,我真是由衷替你們感到開心!^_^ 當然,到異地去並不一定是每個人相同的願望,可你自己一定知道自己最想要的是什麼,千萬不要輕易將它(他?她?!)遺忘啊!”> <”

Not sure if you have read Ariel’s new book? I know it has hastened the footsteps of many towards their dreams of studying abroad or of travelling. This gives me such joy!^^ Of course travelling to a foreign land might not be on everyone’s wish list. But you know what your goals are. So do not abandon it (him? her?!) easily!”><”


Due to a lack of adequate communication before printing, the published version still has some wrong words and phrases. The corrections will have to wait for the next edition. Let the errors in the work count as my regret!

台北、高雄兩場簽書會下來,依晨“又”收到了好多你們寫給我的信件、自己親手製作的卡片以及各式各樣的小禮物(送四大顆“燕巢芭樂”的女生~妳真是太猛了!)其實,會讓我坐在家裡客廳的沙發上,眼淚止不住地掉(是因為開心啦…;)的,往往都是那些情真意切的信件。每一次,我都從它們之中獲得莫大的力量,支持著我繼續走下去。你們常說你們從我這兒得到好多好多,我又何嘗不是如此!我總覺得,能量在我們之間一直輪迴著,你們給了我,我又有能力回饋給你們,再讓你們得到些什麼……(啊!我已察覺到自己好像正在撰寫一篇關於玄學、佛法之類的文章,還是就此打住吧!^ ^”)總之,我是喜歡看你們寫給我的信的,非常喜歡,每一封信,我也必定親自拆閱,但有些人會要求我回覆,不然就◎#$☆……這樣或帶懇求,或略帶威脅的話語對我來說都是心裡很大的負擔與壓力,請別要求我這麼做,好嗎?> <”

After the book signings in Taipei and Kao-Hsiung, Ariel “again” received many of your letters, self made cards and all kinds of little gifts (to the girl who gave me four guava fruits from Swallow Nest ~you are too awesome!) Actually, as I sit on the sofa at home, what fills my eyes with tears (because of joy…;) are the letters filled with sincerity. Each time they give me the strength to go on. You often say that I have given you so much, but in return you have given me just as much! I feel that there is an energy circulating between you and me. What you have given me, I will return with all that I can muster…(Ha! I think I am writing a treatise on philosophy or Buddhism, so better stop here! ^^”). In the end, I love reading your letters very much indeed, as I open each letter personally. But to demands that I reply, or else @#$*…… This kind of begging, or threatening, brings me heartache and pressure. Please don’t ask me like that, alright? ><”

最近依晨跑去學烹飪,周圍的親朋好友們對牛奶燕麥餅乾、黑巧克力核桃餅乾以及白色情人節玫瑰巧克力的評價還不錯,但我自己更喜歡培根蛋黃義大利麵、香椿拌麵和番茄馬茲瑞拉cheese沙拉!﹡^_^ ﹡或許在不遠的將來開間名為「放心」或「晨心」(誠心?!:)的法式有機餐廳是個不錯的中程目標呢~

Recently Ariel took some cooking classes. Friends and family had good reviews for the milk and oatmeal cookies, dark chocolate and walnut cookies, and Valentine’s day white chocolate rose petals. But what I like best is making Spaghetti Carbonara, Toona with Pasta, and Tomato Mozzarella Salad!*^_^* Perhaps in the near future I pick the opening of a French organic restaurant, named “A l’Aise” or “Au Matin” (Bonne Foi?!:), as a mid-range goal~


The movies “The edge of heaven” and “Ensemble C’est Tout” are very good. Check it out if you have time~

P.S.我得向大家坦承個錯誤~最近上「我猜」的“真的假不了”單元時,我問洗心革面的帥哥大廚:「你是怎麼使用安息茴香的?」:那個“茴”字應該念“回”而非“固”,不好意思呀……(害羞跑掉)…^ ^”

P.S. I must admit an error~ Recently on the T.V. program “I guess”, during the “True or False” segment, when Mr. Chef asked : ”How do you use cumin seed?”; the word cumin should be pronounced “wei” and not “gu”. So sorry…(runs away embarrassed)…^ ^”



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